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How to Relieve Hand & Wrist Pain

How to Relieve Hand & Wrist Pain

Pains in the wrists and hand develop when the muscles and joints are forced into repeated actions typically day in and day out. There are a great many occupations that can list hand and wrist injuries as a specific hazard. Construction workers who operate power tools, factory workers and even office jobs that require a great deal of typing and such can also be detrimental to the conditions of the hands and wrists.

Those in such a line of work must do all they can to keep their wrists and hands from becoming injured. The best way to do this is by taking frequent breaks to allow the hands and wrists to rest well.

Step 1 — Take Breaks, Switch Positions

If you work in a single position for many hours on end, set a timer so that you will remember to get up shake the hands and wrists out and possibly provide them with a form of exercise. Taking a brake every 30 minutes or so allows your bones and wrists to rest from their activities and reassume with less pain and risk of fatigues.

Step 2 — Stretch

When you notice your hands or writs are starting to feel a bit tingly or burning, take a moment to interface. It could be that they are getting into a cramp and a simple moment to stretch the muscles will restore blood flow and mobility. Hold your hands in front of you in a fist and begin by Turing them slowly towards each other and slowly turning them away to get the wrist loosened and in full range of motion. Stretch the fingers out as far as you can and use the fingers of one hand to stretch those of the other hand back as far as possible, this will address the tiny tendons of the fingers. Know What Defines An Effective Pain Reliever?

Step 3 �” Cold Compress

By the end of the day your hand may feel warm as the inflamed tendons and muscles restrict the full motion of your hand. This can also cause some degree of pain in your hands and fingers. To control this, take a cold compress, bag of ice cubes or frozen peas and grip it loosely in your hand, you can also lay your hand flat and apply this to the back of the hand as well. If you take a moment to apply a compression bandage to your wrists before beginning work, you will provide a measure of stabilization to your motion and this may also reduce the swelling and pain.

Step 4 �” Daily Exercise

The stronger your hands and wrists are the less prone to injury and pain they will be you can exercise them as you would any other muscles system of the body for many advantageous results. Stronger hands and wrists will not be susceptible to injury and will work for longer periods of time with no disruption to their function. There are many exercises that can be applied to this task but the easiest ones can be done right at your desk. Hold your hands in front of you with thumbs pointing outward. Make a tight fist and hold for 60 seconds, slowly release. visit us for more information

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