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Mowing Schedule For Growing Grass

Mowing Schedule For Growing Grass

During the growing season, you will notice that you grass may shoot up and you have to mow it. This often leads people to think about how often they should be mowing their lawn and if they should have a schedule for this. If you are one of these people, you need to know how to determine when to mow the lawn and the problems that occur when you do not stick to a schedule.

Determining A Mowing Schedule For Growing Grass

There is no absolute schedule that you can use when it comes to mowing your lawn. The frequency of the mowing will depend on how quickly the grass grows and the ideal blade length for the type of grass that you have. There is no point in staying on a schedule if you are actually going to be harming your grass more than helping it.

This does not mean that you should not have a schedule at all. Most people like the idea of knowing when to mow their lawn because they can set this time aside. If you want to mow your grass weekly, you can do this as long as you do not cut the grass too short. If you find that the grass has not grown much during the week, you might be able to leave it until your next scheduled mowing time.

What Determines Grass Growth

As your schedule will depend on the length of the grass, you need to know what makes your grass grow. The amount of fertilizer you use will impact this as certain fertilizers make grass grow faster than others. Nitrogen fertilizers will do this and you will have to increase your mowing schedule when you use these fertilizers.

How much water you give your grass will also affect how fast it grows. If you stop watering your grass during the growing season, you will not have to mow it as often because it will not grow as fast. The more water you give to your lawn, the faster it will grow and the more you will have to mow it.

The Consequences Of Leaving Your Lawn

A lot of people leave their lawn to grow fairly high before they decide to mow it. This is something that you should avoid when determining your mowing schedule. The reason for this is that you can actually damage your grass when you cut it after allowing it to grow too high.

When you do this, the grass could get sunburned and this will cause other issues. The reason for the sunburn is the fact that the long blades shade the lower sections of the grass. When the upper section is cut, the lower parts exposed to the sun and will not be able to deal with correctly.


Cutting grass that is very long will also shock the roots. The height of your grass is directly related to the depth of the roots. If you cut off a large portion of the grass blade, you will also be cutting off the food supply to the roots. The long clippings can also smother the roots by stopping the air from reaching them. Find details at

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