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Discover How To Start Investing In Property With No Money

Despite the housing bubble of a few years ago, property and real estate are still seen as a stable and safe investment compared to others. According to government statistics the average American retires with less than $1,000 in the bank and often they have only their social security to live on. To provide a better lifestyle now and in retirement, many people want to begin investing and they want to put those investments into property. Here we will take a look at how to start investing in property with no money.

Getting Started

One of the advantages to investing in property is the fact that there are many ways to get started. There is the opportunity to invest in a fixer-upper and actually live in the home while you make needed repairs and improve the property value. There’s also the opportunity to invest in duplexes, quadruplexes, and small apartment complexes which give you the opportunity to live in one part while renting out the others.

Because of these different types of situations it makes it possible for those with little or no money to get into a situation where their investment can earn a profit over time without taking on a lot of risks or out-of-pocket expense. If someone purchases a duplex or quadruplex they are able to live in part of their property while getting an income from the other part of the property. If an investor takes the time to research and find the right situation they can often get into those properties with very little or no money out of their pocket.


Seller Financing

There are many situations where the seller will take on financing part or all of the real estate transaction. A bank will usually want a 10% or 20% down payment and then they’re willing to finance the rest. If the buyer doesn’t have the down payment but the seller will finance that, then the buyer can get into the property with no money out of their pocket.

It might be surprising to an unseasoned investor that a seller would be willing to do this but there are many situations and reasons that they might. The seller may be in the middle of a difficult divorce or they may live far from the property or other reasons why they want to sell quickly and that makes some more open to creative ideas. Others just simply see it as a way to earn some additional interest on the sale of their property.

Lease Options

Many sellers are open to the idea of doing a lease with the option to buy. Many times the owner of a property doesn’t want it to just sit on the market for sale because they are still paying property taxes, upkeep and possibly a mortgage on the property. For this reason, they may be open to doing a lease option which allows them to immediately start getting income and the buyer is able to start building a downpayment to get themselves into the property.

How a lease with an option to buy works is that a portion of the monthly payment is applied toward the down payment on the property provided that the buyer completes the purchase within a certain time limit. For example, if the lease with an option to buy is a 1 or 2-year agreement then at the end of that time the total of the amount applied towards the down payment will be made provided that the buyer secures the needed financing for the remaining part of the purchase.

The key to investing in property with no money is to take the time to look for situations where both the seller and the buyer can benefit from creative financing. These opportunities are more available than you might think. It simply takes the courage and effort to begin looking for them. To know more about us visit the website at

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